PS4 to have VR headset? Totally called it


According to knowledgable gaming chaps CVG – and, of course, as is the way of the online world, now every video-game site known to joypads, Sony is considering an Oculus Rift-style VR headset as part of its PlayStation 4 proposition.

Which is funny, as that’s exactly what I prophesied upon my return from E3 back in July. Look, I even made a video about it, with Nick ‘The Beard’ Cowen…

That was actually a follow-up chat on our rather well-received PS4 Rift concept that we put together with T3’s Rhi Morgan and Future’s render king Andrew Donaldson, which you may want to check out here…

Whether the Tokyo Games Show will offer any further clues to this supposed development or not, it’s just another bizarre and interesting turn on the next-generation console road, as we prep for a dual November launch. Myself and Mr Cowen divided and conquered at E3, and when we got back here’s what we made of the battle…

OK, that’s enough videos for now.

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