T-Minus 3 seconds to take-off…


So I’m leaving T3. Actually, not leaving, left. After nearly four years of consumer product-spotting, our time is up, the good ship of lifestyle technology is sailing back to its Bath home after a successfully prolonged stay in Port London. I wish the new captain and crew all the best.

This year has been a weird, wired and wonderful one, which is my way of deflecting from the sheer lack of stuff up here. But it’s been fruitful.

One of my favourite projects was arguably the world exclusive “Daft Punk of tech” virtual-reality cover shoot with Sony Project Morpheus and Oculus’s Rift DK2 for the August issue – coincidentally featuring the first man ever on a T3 cover.


We liked it so much, we gave him it all to himself the next month…


Although neither can compete with the satisfaction of producing my first ever still-life shoot with my very talented stylist partner, Elle Decoration‘s Emma Kay…


Elsewhere, I wrote a regular column for Brik magazine, Dezeen raved about our first ever Watch Special, I ventured on to the CVG ‘Off the Record’ Podcast for the first time and helped MCV with their E3 survival guide.

We were nominated for, but failed to win, both PPA and BMA awards, but were crowned the UK’s biggest-selling digital edition by the ABC. In response, The Media Briefing wanted answers about the future of magazine digital editions, while PressReader wanted feedback on its new growing digital edition solution.

In my final week, I’ve been knee-deep in rushing back from Cupertino to cover all the Apple hullaballoo, from a hasty Watch hands-on to a pair of very early iPhone 6 reviews. And that’s the end of that chapter…

Looking forward, today the new “Tech Issue” of House, the members’ magazine from the Soho House Group, is out, with a rather adorable cover on the outside (below) and a feature about Twitch and game-o-vision on the inside from me.


Consider yourself well and truly updated. Keep an eye out for more news imminently…

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