Awards, Molyneux & 2013 so far


Yes, this is one of those apology blogs that says, “Sorry guys, it’s been a crazy few months, hence no updates.” But, well, it’s been a crazy few months, hence no updates, so… sorry guys.

But there’s been a lot going on, so in that very popular The Week style of rounding up the most pertinent stuff and excising the dull, plus in reverse order for topicality, here’s a quick round-up of interesting stuff…

We’re not a magazine, we’re a media brand!

Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 08.31.05

Or in other words, T3 has just been shortlisted at the PPA Awards 2013 for Consumer Media Brand of the Year, alongside the likes of Wired, Time Out, Stylist and, oh look it’s them again, The Week.

We did well last year at this one, taking home Digital Product of the Year for our iPad edition and International Magazine of the Year, but then so did The Week and Stylist, also nabbing two apiece. Whoever wins, it will be a fun night when it arrives in June.

And also a special shout out to Elle Decoration, my very talented girlfriend Emma’s phenomenal-looking magazine, which is also up for two awards. I get to see it up, close and personal on a regular basis and it’s ace, so fingers crossed there, too. Full shortlisted online here.

In other awards-related news, T3’s parent company Future just this week took home Media Company of the Year at the British Media Awards, putting a perspex slab-shaped cherry on top of a very successful year. Full rundown of those particular runners and riders here.

Judge not lest ye be judged

Rewinding a month, back in April I was a judge alongside gaming icon Peter Molyneux (that’s him in the photo above, in case you were wondering, my massive head almost disappearing from view to the right) and others for Gears of War creator Epic Games’ Make Something Unreal Live.

We spent the day at Gadget Show Live in Birmingham’s NEC analysing the best in student game development, before handing the gong to scarily professional Swedish outfit (and surely company name of the decade) Dead Shark Triplepunch and their future sports game Epigenesis.

As a media partner with Epic, we’d been working with the competition for the last six months and it was an exciting end to a real eye-opening experience (why didn’t they have game design degrees at university when I  went?!). Check out photos from the week-long final at its Facebook page here, or read the write-up at here.

Entering the Picturehouse

Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 09.27.43

In March I hooked up with old friends and prolific creatives Artificial Intelligence (Project, Industria, Hunger, Skyfall digital campaign) to work on Picturehouse Cinemas’ quarterly film magazine Picturehouse Recommends. You can read about it here or download it for free on iPad here. I am Associate Editor (Production) of the issue, which is another excessively long title to add to ‘Chief Sub Editor/Staff Writer’ at Arena, and I’ll be working on this going forward (in fact, we’re slaving away on the next issue now).

Hot 100 hoo-ha

Also back in March, T3 announced its annual Hot 100 to great fanfare, covered by media far and wide, with 3D printing topping the list. We work on this for a long time and it’s always a big moment to see it thrust out into the wider world. The Daily Mirror’s feature was probably the most thorough, though, so go read it here.

Prizes for second place

Finally (except it was first, you know what I mean), in February, we announced an official circulation of 65,217 for T3, the second best in the magazine’s history. Most interestingly, with a combined certified digital ABC of 29,163, it also makes T3 the biggest-selling digital magazine in the UK officially, not just on my Excel sums. made it a nice digital double header, posting ridiculously good figures, showing more than 100% growth in unique users year on year. The full breakdown of a-bit-show-offy stats is here.

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