Dredd eyes up iPad in new INDUSTRIA

Attention all iPad owners with a fancy for film, TV, games and/or general entertaining: another rollicking good issue of our iPad entertainment magazine INDUSTRIA is live on iTunes right about now (that’s five and counting).

There’s all kinds of good stuff, from an all-action animated Dredd cover by Daniel Stolle to Berberian Sound Studio’s Toby Young interviewed by Damon Wise and shot by Rankin via the 26 most desirable things in entertainment history. (I voted for the enormous “slight possibility of overload” speaker at the start of Back To The Future and the killer-dog sidekick from Sega’s 1989 arcade game Shadow Dancer, in case you were wondering.)

Amid my other contributions are an interview with ex-LCD Soundsystem head honcho James Murphy on his musical past and filmic future, a comprehensive round-up of the very best gaming headsets to accompany your button bashing, and an opinion column on how I stopped worrying about iOS football sim New Star Soccer stealing my life and learned to love its biting social satire.

Get the app here and, if you like it, give us a nice rating. We never tire of getting those bad boys.

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