T3 summer issue lights up shops

Crazy busy few weeks that’s seen me interview two heroes (Alien director Ridley Scott and Fighting Fantasy creator Ian Livingstone), test two bits of cool new hardware (the new Retina-powered MacBook Pro and Razer Ferox speakers), wander leisurely around two Meccas of gadgetry (Apple’s WWDC keynote in San Francisco and the tech department of Oxford Street’s John Lewis) and be part of the T3 team that made off with two PPA Awards. And breathe…

Well, not for long, actually, as the new issue of the now award-winning T3 (I’ll stop soon, promise) is in newsagents both virtual and digital now – well, as of last Friday actually, but as I say, I’ve been busy. Sorry, boss.

In it I interview Spaced director and Brandon Generator kingpin Edgar Wright, the mighty Dave Phelan fiddles with every new smartphone around and we look behind Apple’s upcoming autumn assault – how it will look and how it will be built.

Enjoy it in one of its many multimedia flavours…

Print version / iPad version / Android 10.1 tab version / Zinio version

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