INDUSTRIA Issue 2 wants to be on your iPad

Remember how there used to be this great, award-winning mag called PROJECT on the iPad, full of technological flair, design finesse and fine writing, then it went a bit, well, not like that? That’s because the original team behind it decided to venture off and make something even better: digital entertainment monthly INDUSTRIA.

Having fine-tuned its mix of film, TV, gaming and tech on two free Lifestyle apps for Issue Zero and Issue 1, focusing both on stylish and talented screen and behind-the-scenes stars, the full-strength, Robert Pattinson-fronted Issue 2 is now in Apple’s Newsstand next to the Economists, Men’s Healths, GQs and T3s of iTunes. So proud. The guys done good.

I’ve penned a handful of features for the new issue, including pieces on the long-running and abruptly-ending Call of Duty legal saga between Activision and Zampella & West, the finest high-end tellies to get serious with home cinema, how Rockstar Games and HEALTH reinvented the soundtrack as we know it, and a column on why anyone but Apple promising “the iPod” of anything is a recipe for disaster.

Have a look and let me know what you think.

My favourite bit? Well, as someone who has only ever appeared in a video credits sequence once – It Came From Outer Space, 1991 Newton Farm School Christmas concert, the high-tech visionary of Chris Crocker’s dad’s Amiga editing software – I can’t help but grin in a horrifically self-congratulatory way at the brilliantly designed, moving masthead reinvention that is End Credits (it’s at the, er, end).

It’s not only a nice Catch Me If You Can pastiche, but also squares me up next to film scribe royalty Damon Wise. Good company to keep. I wonder what treatment we’ll get next month…

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